As a full service branding, advertising and interactive agency, we think of successful marketing as a lean-mean machine, with all its components working together in harmony to maximize results and return on investment. Whether your goals are branding, advertising, digital marketing, effective messaging, increasing lead generation, we can help.

Our experience to create unique, compelling and recognizable brands that express your differential and personality in a way that builds trust and will help carry your brand in the marketplace. Well built brands make a difference to your internal and external customers, and your results. Brands move people to you, rather than just you to them.

Exceptional marketing isn’t just about visual appeal. It gets people engaged, excited and connected. It changes behavior. It combines the visual, verbal and tonal elements that move customer groups your brand, its people and its values. We’ll research and analyze your niche online community to design the most effective customized features for each channel. Wonder around below to dig deeper into our creative marketing services we offer:


Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Finding the time to properly to strategize your social media marketing efforts is your biggest challenge. We understand. Let us take the reigns and provide your business with the social media expertise it needs to stand out in today’s competitive social landscape. By listening, learning, educating and building strategic relationships with key influencers, you can bring value to the community, make meaningful connections and exponentially expand the reach of your marketing efforts.

Brand Development

Brand Development & Identity

Brand development is about delivering a consistent image and voice that separates from your competition. A strong brand stands out in the crowded marketplace. The perception of your brand will ultimately determine the success of your company. Let us help create a strong brand identity to attract consumers, build trust, and showcase your company’s value. Learn more about how Runyon Marketing can build a brand strategy paired with graphic design to guide your company in the right direction.

Responsive Web Design

Web Design

Web design exist for two reasons — to display content support business objectives and helps users in accomplishing their tasks. Presenting engaging content that clearly displays the value of your company to your target market will attract visitors. Creating a logical and easy-to-navigate website structure and design, including clear calls to action will spark engagement and generate leads. We also provide design solutions for websites built for multiple platforms like desktops, tablets, or mobile devices using WordPress infrastructure as Content Management System (CMS) for your company website.